When you’re in the market for new heating products, it pays to learn all you can about them first. With the proper facts in hand, you can make choices that will save you money and help protect the environment. The EnerGuide rating and ENERGY STAR symbol can help you identify the most energy-efficient products available in Canada.

There are many ways of beating the Canadian climate in the winter, and deciding how to heat your home can be a complex task. For most homeowners, cost is the major factor in the home-heating decision. A space-heating system could use anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of your home's energy, so making the right choice is important.

But if you're only looking at the price tag of heating equipment, you might not be getting the best deal. The price of energy sources varies across the country. It might be less expensive to heat with oil in Alberta than in some other regions, and electricity could be a more affordable option in Quebec.

Select your preferred energy source
Compare the energy efficiency of heating systems
Find the most energy-efficient heating systems with EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR

When choosing a new heating system, it is important to buy a product that offers the best possible quality/price ratio within the limits of your budget. Take into account all the costs of each system you are considering. These include:

  • equipment cost (purchase price)
  • installation cost
  • operating and maintenance costs

Keep energy efficiency in mind as you make your home-heating decisions. Use the EnerGuide label to help compare energy consumption of various equipment or systems and purchase ENERGY STAR qualified, high energy efficient equipment – which must meet strict energy efficiency standards. Not only will your energy-efficient choice save you money, it will result in the creation of fewer greenhouse gases (GHG), which are a major cause of climate change.

When you are trying to reduce space-heating costs, you should also think about the efficiency of your water heater. In the typical Canadian home, water heating accounts for up to 20 percent of total utility costs. Only space heating uses more energy.