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Comfortwave Protection Plans
Comfortwave has created a Maintenance and Protection Plan that will help you keep your home heating and cooling equipment running efficiently and effectively as the day you installed it, in turn SAVING YOU MONEY!  For example; Comfortwave Protection Plans are available for as little as $12/month!
Some of the aspects we cover during inspection of your equipment.

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 • Check thermostat operation  • Check thermostat operation
 • Clean and adjust burner assembly  • Monitor refrigerant pressure
 • Inspect heat exchanger for corrosion or damage  • Check safety controls
 • Test safety controls  • Clean and adjust blower components
 • Clean ignition system and check flame signal  • Check for correct airflow
 • Check venting system  • Check and tighten electrical connections
 • Clean and adjust blower components  • Measure voltage and amp draw
 • Tighten and check electrical connections  • Measure temperature drop
 • Clean and/or replace furnace filter  • Lubricate all moving parts
 • Check for correct airflow  • Clean condensate drain line
 • Measure temperature rise  • Check evaporator coil for accessible blockages
 • Measure voltage and amp draw  • Test capacitors
 • Check and adjust manifold pressure  • Monitor cooling cycle
 • Lubricate moving parts  • Clean outdoor coil
 • Monitor heating cycle

Available Comfortwave Plans


We offer many different plans to suit your needs, not ours. Contact us and we'll discuss the option that's right for you, or book your appointment with us today!