Maintenance Tip!

It is important that equipment be repaired in a timely manner, as minor fixes can turn into larger issues, which can ultimately result in complete unit failure.
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Repairs to your HVAC System
Nobody's ever ready for when their heating or cooling system fails. Comfortwave understands how important you and your families comfort really is.  Our trained and experienced service technicians are capable of diagnosing some of the complex service issues. From wiring faults to compressor failures, we can diagnose the issue. Prior to performing any work, our technicians will discuss with you the scope of work to be performed, to fix your HVAC equipment.
Product & System Upgrades
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There are lots of options to improve the heating & cooling performance of the system already in your home. We're the Pro's at upgrading existing HVAC systems, adding more functionality to what you already own.  The benefits of upgrading your system could provide your system with an increase in energy efficiency and substantial savings for you over time. Our team of trained technicians are experienced in performing all types of HVAC retrofits, ensuring quality of work, as well as minimal disruption for you and your family.
With so many makes and models on the market, we simply cannot explain everything on our website with regards to product upgrades &/or system upgradings.  Please visit our Product Sales page, and call us to discuss your upgrade options.