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Our Sales Team Know Their Stuff
Due to the sheer number of options available on the market today, the purchase of a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment can be overwhelming for a lot of customers. At Comfortwave, we opt for a simpler approach, and strive to make this process a stress-free as possible for you — our customer.
We start off by asking homeowners to explain to us about any concerns that they may have.  For example, rooms that are too hot or too cold; and from there we start our physical inspection of the mechanical room and create a basic layout for the best ways in-which new equipment will be installed.
After this we will then discuss some options that we feel will best suit you and your families needs. HVAC systems are no longer just a furnace and air conditioner.  They can be elaborate and complex systems including optional accessories such as humidifiers, and HEPA air cleaners, and UV lights and HRVs etc.  Together we'll explore your options and make sure you understand the process from concept to the final install.  Give us a call and setup an in-home consultation — Don't worry, we'll explain everything!
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